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The E-Myth Revisited - Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It

by Michael E. Gerber
ISBN: 0887307280, Paperback- $9.60 BUY

Michael Gerber's The E-Myth Revisited should be required reading for anyone thinking about starting a business or for those who have already taken that fateful step. The title refers to the author's belief that entrepreneurs--typically brimming with good but distracting ideas--make poor business people. He establishes an incredibly organized and regimented plan, so that daily details are scripted, freeing the entrepreneur's mind to build the long-term success of the business. You don't need an M.B.A. to understand or follow its directives; Gerber takes time to explain buzzwords and complex theories. Read in a clear and well-paced manner, listening to The-E Myth is like receiving advice from an old friend.

Who Says Elephants Can't Dance? Inside IBM's Historic Turnaround

by Louis V. Gerstner
ISBN: 0060523794, Hardcover- $17.61 BUY

Gerstner quarterbacked one of history's most dramatic corporate turnarounds. For those who follow business stories like football games, his tale of the rise, fall and rise of IBM might be the ultimate slow-motion replay. The book's opening section snappily reports Gerstner's decisions in his first 18 months on the job-the critical "sprint" that moved IBM away from the brink of destruction. The following sections describe the marathon fight to make IBM once again "a company that mattered."

One of Gerstner's first tasks was to redirect the company's attention to the outside world, where a marketplace was quickly changing and customers felt largely ignored. He succeeded mightily. Upon his retirement this year, IBM was undeniably "a company that mattered." Who Says Elephants Can't Dance? is a well-rendered self-portrait of a CEO who made spectacular change on the strength of personal leadership.

Execution - The Discipline of Getting Things Done

by Larry Bossidy, Ram Charan, Charles Burck (Contributor)
ISBN: 0609610570, Hardcover- $17.33 BUY

Disciplines like strategy, leadership development, and innovation are the sexier aspects of being at the helm of a successful business; actually getting things done never seems quite as glamorous. But as Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan demonstrate in Execution, the ultimate difference between a company and its competitor is, in fact, the ability to execute.

Execution is "the missing link between aspirations and results," and as such, making it happen is the business leader's most important job.

Get Better or Get Beaten

by Robert Slater
ISBN: 0071373462, Hardcover- $22.95 BUY

Do business like Jack Welch! When Jack Welch took the reins of General Electric in 1981, he reformulated GE in his own image -- tough, smart, competitive, and relentless. First published in 1994, Get Better or Get Beaten became a bestseller as managers sought to understand and mimic the success of the man lauded by Fortune as "...perhaps the most admired CEO of his generation."

Now, on the eve of his planned April retirement, the new Get Better or Get Beaten, Second Edition shows you how to compete "Welch style" in today's techologically advanced business arena.

Look to this fast-paced book for:
- Jack Welch's latest views on management and leadership
- Examples of how Welch transformed GE into an e-business
- Insights into Six Sigma and other successful GE quality initiatives
- and More...

Jack - Straight from the Gut

by Jack Welch, John A. Byrne
ISBN: 0446528382, Hardcover- $18.87 BUY

It's hard to think of a CEO that commands as much respect as Jack Welch. Under his leadership, General Electric reinvented itself several times over by integrating new and innovative practices into its many lines of business.

In Jack: Straight from the Gut, Welch, with the help of Business Week journalist John Byrne, recounts his career and the style of management that helped to make GE one of the most successful companies of the last century. Beginning with Welch's childhood in Salem, Massachusetts, the book quickly progresses from his first job in GE's plastics division to his ambitious rise up the GE corporate ladder, which culminated in 1981. What comes across most in this autobiography is Welch's passion for business as well as his remarkable directness and intolerance of what he calls "superficial congeniality"--a dislike that would help earn him the nickname "Neutron Jack."

First, Break All the Rules - What the World's Greatest Managers Do Differently

by Marcus Buckingham, Curt Coffman
ISBN: 0684852861, Hardcover- $18.90 BUY

Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman expose the fallacies of standard management thinking in First, Break All the Rules: What the World's Greatest Managers Do Differently. In seven chapters, the two consultants for the Gallup Organization debunk some dearly held notions about management, such as "treat people as you like to be treated"; "people are capable of almost anything"; and "a manager's role is diminishing in today's economy." "Great managers are revolutionaries," the authors write. "This book will take you inside the minds of these managers to explain why they have toppled conventional wisdom and reveal the new truths they have forged in its place."

Good to Great - Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don't

by Jim Collins
ISBN: 0066620996, Hardcover- $16.50 BUY

Jim Collins asked the question, "Can a good company become a great company and if so, how?" In Good to Great, Collins concludes that it is possible, but finds there are no silver bullets. Collins and his team of researchers began their quest by sorting through a list of 1,435 companies, looking for those that made substantial improvements in their performance over time. They finally settled on 11--including Fannie Mae, Gillette, Walgreens, and Wells Fargo--and discovered common traits that challenged many of the conventional notions of corporate success.

Making the transition from good to great doesn't require a high-profile CEO, the latest technology, innovative change management, or even a fine-tuned business strategy. At the heart of those rare and truly great companies was a corporate culture that rigorously found and promoted disciplined people to think and act in a disciplined manner. Good to Great is one of those books that managers and CEOs will be reading and rereading for years to come.

A New Brand World - Eight Principles for Achieving Brand Leadership in the Twenty-First Century

by Scott Bedbury, Stephen Fenichell (Contributor)
ISBN: 0670030767, Hardcover- $17.47 BUY

Bedbury, who headed advertising and marketing divisions for Nike and Starbucks during their phenomenal growth, coaches on establishing a memorable brand. Observing consumers overwhelmed by countless choices, he argues that now's the time to build a brand that evokes trust from its customers.

"Unless your brand stands for something, it stands for nothing," he declares, as he explains methods for companies big and small to articulate their essence and ethos to core customers, potential customers and employees. Bedbury elaborates his belief that "the brand is the sum total of everything a company does" with lively anecdotes from the experiences of Harley-Davidson, Microsoft and others. He calls for advertising and marketing that will inspire rather than merely inform (ie: "Just Do It").

Inside The Magic Kingdom - 7 Keys to Disney's Success

by Thomas K. Connellan
ISBN: 1885167237, Hardcover- $13.00 BUY

Look in Mickey's Briefcase . . . Now, an outsider takes you inside the incredible Disney service culture and presents simple, powerful concepts in a fun, memorable way that just may change the way you conduct business. Based on hours of interviews and discussions with present and former Disney employees, Inside the Magic Kingdom discloses the secrets behind Disneys success . . . and explains why, of its more than 30 million guests each year, over two-thirds are repeat customers.

This upbeat, easy-to-read book illustrates clear, solid principles with examples that are well-known to Disney insiders but virtually unknown to outsiders until now. Outlines the seven keys to Disney's success. Now the principles that drive the culture and phenomenal success of Disney are disclosed in this fun, easy-to-read book. You will learn many insider secrets that will spell success if implemented in any business.

McDonald's - Behind the Arches

by John F. Love
ISBN: 0553347594, Paperback- $11.05 BUY

McDonald's: it is the world's premier entrepreneurial success story, a company whose growth worldwide continues to be astonishing. In tough financial times, McDonald's proved that ingenuity, trial and error, and gut instinct were the keys to building a service business the entire world has come to admire. In the years since McDonald's: Behind The Arches was first published, McDonald's has been a trendsetter in advertising, focusing on different ethnic groups as well as the physically disabled.

McDonald's created McJobs, a program that employs both mentally challenged adults and senior citizens. And because its franchisees have their fingers on the pulse of the marketplace, McDonald's has evolved successfully with the health food revolution, launching dozens of new products and moving toward environmentally-safe packaging and recyclable goods. Inspiring, informative, and filled with behind the scenes stories, this remarkable saga offers an irresistible look inside a great American business success.

How to Make Your Business Run Without You!

by Susan M. Carter
ISBN: 0967029104, Paperback- $26.60 BUY

How To Make Your Business Run Without You is a how-to resource for small business owners and entrepreneurs to effectively streamline operations that will pave the way for more business, bigger profits and a business that virtually runs itself. Through step-by-step chapters, Author Susan Carter advances readers from the high-risk potential of 'owning their own jobs' to the freedom and control of 'owning their own businesses.' A must read for any owner or self-employed professional who is eager to move from start-up status to ongoing success.

The Myth of Excellence - Why Great Companies Never Try to Be the Best at Everything

by Fred Crawford, Ryan Mathews
ISBN: 0609608207, Hardcover- $19.25 BUY

Crawford is the managing director of the consumer products, retail, and distribution practice at the Cap Gemini Ernst and Young consultancy. Mathews is a futurist specializing in demographics and lifestyle analysis at FirstMatter, another consulting firm. To research purchasing behavior, they surveyed 5,000 consumers, but the responses they got surprised them and prompted their title's contrary proposition.

They developed a new model of "consumer relevancy." They explain in detail the importance of price, service, quality, access, and experience for the consumer. They then suggest that for companies to be successful they need to dominate on only one of these five factors. On a second of the five they should stand out or differentiate themselves from their competitors; and on the remaining three they need only to be at par with others in their industry. With dozens of examples, Crawford and Mathews demonstrate the validity of their premise.

Raving Fans - A Revolutionary Approach to Customer Service

by Kenneth H. Blanchard, Sheldon Bowles (Contributor)
ISBN: 0688123163, Hardcover- $13.00 BUY

Kenneth Blanchard continues his trend of writing easy-to-read books with BIG ideas for making your business better. Raving Fans is a book of stories relating how fictional companies have created an environment of delivering awesome customer service. A guy that has just been put in a managment position requiring a turnaround goes on a fictional trip with his "angel" to visit businesses that have figured out their vision and their system to deliver customer service extraordinary. Based on three simple principles (Decide, Discover, Deliver), each company has created a group of Raving Fans (not just customers, but fans) who wouldn't consider shopping anywhere else for what one of these companies offers.

Differentiate or Die - Survival in Our Era of Killer Competition

by Jack Trout, Steve Rivkin (Contributor)
ISBN: 0471357642, Hardcover- $17.61 BUY

There are no two ways about it with Jack Trout. Either you've got a product or service that you can say is different, or you don't have much at all. In today's global marketplace and at its lightning-fast rate of change, there's no point in inventing and presenting a product only to sit back and hope that consumers everywhere will discover its greatness. It's not simply about what you or your product can do, it's about what you do differently from everyone else. Coauthors Trout and Steve Rivkin say it all in their no-holds-barred title, Differentiate or Die.

Extraordinary Guarantees - Achieving Breakthrough Gains in Quality and Customer Satisfaction

by Christopher Hart
ISBN: 0814450644, Paperback- $24.95 BUY

Many leading firms have achieved both these results by offering extraordinary guarantees. You too can boost organizational performance and quality to new levels by following the practical advice offered in the important book, Extraordinary Guarantees. Guarantees were once considered nothing more than a marketing gimmick. But as more and more quality leaders have begun to offer ironclad pledges of total customer satisfaction, the guarantee is now being recognized as an unparalleled tool for gaining a major, often unbeatable, competitive edge-and a host of other benefits.

Competing on Value

by Mack Hanan, Peter Karp (Contributor)
ISBN: 0814450369, Hardcover- $17.47 BUY

Presents a new approach to selling that emphasizes not competing on the basis of the best price, but the highest value--i.e. demonstrating to current and prospective customers that using your products or services will either cut their costs or improve their revenues. This book discusses VALUE. Value is not what you put INTO your products and services, it is what the customer GETS OUT. Three qualifiers of value are how much, how soon, and how sure--these are what the customer needs to know. In summary, this is highly recommended for every company that sells products and/or services.

Practice What You Preach - What Managers Must Do to Create a High-Achievement Culture

by David H. Maister
ISBN: 0743211871, Hardcover- $18.20 BUY

Maister, a professional service consultant, surveyed 6,500 employees at 50 worldwide companies to evaluate the relationship between company financial performance and employee satisfaction and loyalty. He found a direct and dramatic correlation. Here, he offers detailed commentary from CEOs, managers and staffers, and analysis of the survey results. Bosses in all kinds of companies will benefit from his solid advice, which should be required reading for executives and upper level managers.


by Rudolph W. Giuliani, Ken Kurson
ISBN: 0786868414, Hardcover- $16.35 BUY

This highly anticipated book from New York's once controversial, now beloved former mayor opens with a gripping account of Giuliani's immediate reaction to the September 11 attacks, including a narrow escape from the original crisis command headquarters, and closes with the efforts to address the aftermath during his remaining four months in office. But, he argues, he did not suddenly become a great leader on September 11, and "had been doing [my] best to take on challenges my whole career."

Throughout, he displays the hands-on management that marked his administration, including his willingness to respond swiftly and in person to crises, to prove that he could be relied on when the city needed him most. While some critics found his style too aggressive, he has an effective counterargument: "Before September 11, there were those who said we were being overly concerned [about security]," he observes. "We didn't hear that afterwards..."

Why We Buy - The Science of Shopping

by Paco Underhill
ISBN: 0684849143, Paperback- $9.75 BUY

In an effort to determine why people buy, Paco Underhill and his band of retail researchers have camped out in stores over the course of 20 years, dedicating their lives to the "science of shopping." Armed with an array of video equipment, store maps, and customer-profile sheets, Underhill and his consulting firm, Envirosell, have observed over 900 aspects of interaction between shopper and store. They've discovered that men who take jeans into fitting rooms are more likely to buy than females (65 percent vs. 25 percent).

They've learned how the "butt-brush factor" (bumped from behind, shoppers become irritated and move elsewhere) makes women avoid narrow aisles. They've quantified the importance of shopping baskets; contact between employees and shoppers; the "transition zone" (the area just inside the store's entrance); and "circulation patterns" (how shoppers move throughout a store). And they've explored the relationship between a customer's amenability and profitability, learning how good stores capitalize on a shopper's unspoken inclinations and desires.

Underhill, whose clients include McDonald's, Starbucks, Est?Lauder, and Blockbuster, stocks Why We Buy with a wealth of retail insights, showing how men are beginning to shop like women, and how women have changed the way supermarkets are laid out. He also looks to the future, projecting massive retail opportunities with an aging baby-boom population and predicting how online retailing will affect shopping malls. This lighthearted look at shopping is highly recommended to anyone who buys or sells.

Who Moved My Cheese? An Amazing Way to Deal With Change in Your Work and in Your Life

by Spencer Johnson, Kenneth H. Blanchard
ISBN: 0399144463, Paperback- $12.97 BUY

Change can be a blessing or a curse, depending on your perspective. The message of Who Moved My Cheese? is that all can come to see it as a blessing, if they understand the nature of cheese and the role it plays in their lives. Who Moved My Cheese? is a parable that takes place in a maze. Four beings live in that maze: Sniff and Scurry are mice--nonanalytical and nonjudgmental, they just want cheese and are willing to do whatever it takes to get it. Hem and Haw are "littlepeople," mouse-size humans who have an entirely different relationship with cheese. It's not just sustenance to them; it's their self-image.

Their lives and belief systems are built around the cheese they've found. Most of us reading the story will see the cheese as something related to our livelihoods--our jobs, our career paths, the industries we work in--although it can stand for anything, from health to relationships. The point of the story is that we have to be alert to changes in the cheese, and be prepared to go running off in search of new sources of cheese when the cheese we have runs out.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Restoring the Character Ethic

by Stephen R. Covey
ISBN: 0671708635, Paperback- $11.20 BUY

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change was a groundbreaker when it was first published in 1990, and it continues to be a business bestseller with more than 10 million copies sold. Stephen Covey, an internationally respected leadership authority, realizes that true success encompasses a balance of personal and professional effectiveness, so this book is a manual for performing better in both arenas.

Principle-Centered Leadership

by Stephen R. Covey
ISBN: 0671792806, Paperback- $9.75 BUY

Covey, the author of the New York Times number 1 bestseller The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, has struck a chord with millions of readers with his insights into human nature and values. Now he tells them how to apply his theories to everyday life, focusing primarily on the world of business.

The Power Principle - Influence With Honor

by Blaine Lee, Stephen R. Covey
ISBN: 0684846160, Paperback- $9.75 BUY

This self-help book reflects Lee's views on various types of power and how to develop principle-centered power in your life, which he defines as power that inspires loyalty and devotion, transcending time and place. Such power is based on trust and respect and survives even after one dies. Lee describes three types of power: coercive, which relies on the premise of control and uses fear as its instrument; utility, which is based on fairness, the exchange of what you can do for me with what I can do for you; and principle-centered, which is based on what you can do with others. The author tells us that his purpose in writing this book is to encourage us in our work with people, and he recommends that we choose principle-centered power as the primary way to influence others in our key relationships. Such power requires us to grow, to challenge our assumptions, and often to change our whole orientation in life.

The Richest Man in Babylon

by George S. Clason
ISBN: 0451205367, Paperback- $6.99 BUY

I often give this book out as a gift whenever a person younger than me asks for my advice on money. I always present this book to them saying "if you read it and do as it says, it will work magic." It really contains excellent, time tested advice, and would make a good gift for someone in their early 20s who is on their own for the first time, and struggling.

The book is a series of parables about money written in the 1920s by George Clason. They were written as individual essays of a few thousand words, but the theme throughout them is consistent -- save 10% of your money, give 10% away, use 10% to reduce your debt load, and live on the remaining 70%.

The stories in the book are entertaining; they are reminiscent of some of the parables in the Bible, such as the Prodigal Son or the story of the Workers in the Vineyard. I think this is intentional on the part of the author; certainly readers in the 1920s had an appreciation for "old fashioned stories with a moral" that people today seem to have lost. I enjoy the book greatly, though, and any thoughtful person who reads the book should find it interesting, especially if they are trying to get their finances in order.

The Wealthy Barber, Updated 3rd Edition

by David Chilton
ISBN: 0761513116, Paperback- $10.78 BUY

In this revised and expanded edition of one of the biggest-selling financial-planning books ever, David Chilton, president of Financial Awareness Corporation, shows readers how to achieve the financial independence they've always dreamed of. With the help of his fictional barber, Roy, and a large dose of humor, Chilton encourages readers to take control of their financial future and build wealth slowly, steadily, and with sure success.

The E-Myth Manager - Why Management Doesn't Work-And What to Do About It

by Michael E. Gerber
ISBN: 0887309593, Paperback- $11.02 BUY

More than ten years after his first bestselling book, The E-Myth, changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of small business owners, Michael Gerber - entrepreneur, author, and speaker extraordinaire fires the next salvo in his highly successful E-Myth Revolution. Drawing on lessons learned from working with more than 15,000 small, medium-sized, and very large organizations, Gerber has discovered the truth behind why management doesn't workand what to do about it.

Unearthing the arbitrary origins of commonly held doctrines such as the omniscience of leader (Emperor) and the most widely embraced myth of all. The E-Myth Manager offers a fresh, provocative alternative to management as we know it. It explores why every manager must take charge of his own life, reconcile his own personal vision with that of the organization, and develop an entrepreneurial mind-set to achieve true success.

Think and Grow Rich

by Napoleon Hill
ISBN: 0449214923, Paperback- $7.19 BUY

Is it true that by simply changing your thoughts you can completely change what you have in life? How could it be that simple? It is, but first you have to believe.

Most people want to see something happen, then believe in it. To be succesful you have to do the opposite. Believe in it first, then you will see it. That's is one of the key messages in this book written almost 70 years ago.... It reads like it was written yesterday.

The title says it all. "Think and Grow Rich", but it is NOT just a book about making money. I am certain many people from all walks of life could benefit from this work, regardless of their opinion of money and riches. The message is clear: You may have whatever you want in life... if you can discover the secret within its pages.

I first read this book when I was a teenager. I am not sure it made much of an impression on me. I picked it up recently and I can't believe how much it has changed. Of course, that's nonsense. The book is the same, only my mind is now ready to see what the secret is...

Get this book and see if you can unlock the Secret to finding 'riches' for yourself.

Under One Roof: Caring for an Aging Parent

by Sheelagh McGurn
ISBN: 0942421388, Paperback- $.01 BUY

Home Sweet Home (How to Help Older Adults Live Independently)

ISBN: 097015092X, Paperback- $1.19 BUY

Answering questions regarding care facilities and basic assistance for older adults, this guide helps family members care for their elderly loved ones while respecting their sense of independence. Included are solutions for adapting kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

Easy Things to Make to Make Things Easy: Simple Do-It-Yourself Home Modifications for Older People and Others With Limitations

by Suzanne Bloom
ISBN: 1571290249, Paperback- $4.19 BUY

The newest addition to Dr. Greenstein’s practical how-to-do-it series for individuals with physical limitations (see also Backyards & Butterflies). This delightfully illustrated, large-print format book is filled with suggestions to make life easier, safer, and more enjoyable for older people and others with physical limitations. Included are low-cost modification ideas for the home environment, ways to make daily activities more enjoyable, and important information for caregivers. All the adaptations described can be made easily and inexpensively, using common materials. Specific activities range from gardening with one hand to making a kitchen sink wheelchair-accessible.

Elderdesign : Designing and Furnishing a Home for Your Later Years (Paperback)

by Rosemary Bakker
ISBN: 0140258094, Paperback- $.59 BUY

In a world where more adults than ever are looking for an affordable way to make their later years worry free, Elderdesign offers something truly valuable--the ability to choose an independent lifestyle. Rosemary Bakker, an interior designer with a master's degree in gerontology, suggests easy home alterations that can help people live comfortably and safely as they age.

The House to Ourselves: Reinventing Home Once the Kids are Grown

by Todd Lawson & Tim Connor
ISBN: 1561587931, Paperback- $19.46 BUY

"Quick, before your grown-up children decide they're going to fly back into the nest, refeather it. Todd Lawson and Tom Connor examine 20 different post-parting residential overhauls that will give you much to mull over, now or later." --House and Garden magazine

Building for a Lifetime: The Design and Construction of Fully Accessible Homes

by Margaret Wylde
ISBN: 1561580368, Paperback- $$13.67 BUY

The authors of this useful guide are authorities on building and accessibility. Their book is an outgrowth of a research project called "Laboratory for Efficient and Accessible Design 2010," a study that was prompted by the consideration that in the year 2010 the first baby boomers will turn 65. The well-illustrated volume comprehensively details the reconsideration of finished living environments while examining the various areas that must be considered for accessible design. Accessible design starts before the design process and--surprisingly--usually runs counter to most contemporary building designs. The benevolent humanity embodied in these design suggestions is a delightful trend to see in building design and construction. A necessary addition to gerontological and construction collections.
- Alex Hartmann, Bloomsburg Univ. Lib., Pa.

The Cohousing Handbook: Building a Place for Community

by Chris ScottHanson
ISBN: 0865715173, Paperback- $17.79 BUY

Cohousing offers an end to the isolation of the single-family suburban home. Balancing community and personal privacy, cohousing is a chance to create a modern village in an urban or rural setting. Residents own their own homes and can gather in common areas to share meals and socialize. An increasingly popular form of housing in both Europe and North America, cohousing addresses and alleviates many of the demands and pressures of modern life-everything from day care to aging at home is easier with the help of your neighbors.

Senior Cohousing: A Community Approach to Independent Living

by Charles Durrett
ISBN: 0945929307, Paperback- $19.77 BUY

Cohousing is an entirely new way for seniors to house themselves with dignity, independence, safety, mutual concern, and fun. Providing an inside look at existing communities, SENIOR COHOUSING demonstrates how people can make the conscious choice to live independently through community.

Moving On: A Practical Guide to Downsizing the Family Home

by Linda Hetzer & Janet Hulstrand
ISBN: 1584793236, Paperback- $.69 BUY

Whether you're a not-so-old couple or a getting-on-in-years single who has decided it's time to move on; an adult left in charge of a parent's or loved one's estate; or just someone who's looking for a simpler lifestyle, Moving On will provide invaluable practical information and resources, as well as sanity-saving tips and advice from those who have been through it all and came out smiling.

Moving Mom & Dad: Why, Where, How, and When to Help Your Parents Relocate

by Sarah Morse
ISBN: 0890878684, Paperback- $.01 BUY

This book helps you determine why, where, how and when to help your parents relocate, making it easier for everyone.

Who Gets Grandma's Yellow Pie Plate?

by Marlene S. Stum
ISBN: 1888440082, Paperback- $10.00 BUY

Award winning book eases challenges of distributing personal possessions.

"As executor for my mother's estate, I needed help. I never expected by sisters to act the way they did! This information helped us sort out what we wanted, talk about what we thought was fair, and consider different options. It wasn't easy, but we are still talking."

Positive Moves: The Complete Guide to Moving You and Your Family Across Town or Across the Nation

by Carolyn Janik
ISBN: 1555841023, Paperback- $.31 BUY

Grow Your Roots Anywhere, Anytime

by Ronald J. Raymond, Stephen V. Eliot & Marilyn Mercer
ISBN: 0892561521, Paperback- $.01 BUY

How to Say It to Seniors: Closing the Communication Gap with Our Elders

by David Solie
ISBN: 0735203806, Paperback- $10.85 BUY

A practical guide to bridging the generation gap.

In How to Say It(r) to Seniors, geriatric psychology expert David Solie offers help in removing the typical communication blocks many experience with the elderly. By sharing his insights into the later stages of life, Solie helps in understanding the unique perspective of seniors, and provides the tools to relate to them.

Truce! Using Elder Mediation to Resolve Conflict among Families, Seniors, and Organizations

by Patricia Bertschler
ISBN: 0975937901, Paperback- $14.95 BUY

TRUCE! Using Elder Mediation to Resolve Conflict among Families, Seniors, and Organizations is a handbook that distinguishes between counseling and mediation, lists situations in which mediation is recommended, and offers many case studies from the authors' own mediation practices as well as from other contributing mediators/professionals in the healthcare field. They also list steps of a mediation to show how simply the process works. Worksheets for caregivers, financial checklists, communication tips, and dozens of referral sources are listed to round out this practice handbook.

Another Country: Navigating the Emotional Terrain of Our Elders

by Mary Pipher
ISBN: 1573227846, Paperback- $10.20 BUY

Mary Pipher, author of the bestselling and groundbreaking Reviving Ophelia, which charts the troubled passage of girls into adolescence, has nimbly covered yet another psychological passage: that into old age, which May Sarton called "a foreign country."

Pipher reveals that the greatest shame for today's elders--most of whom survived the Depression--is not being self-sufficient. The majority of them stoically prefer to keep their feelings to themselves, and this is why it's so difficult to convince older parents to accept or even discuss such issues as physical and mental health, finances, eldercare, or living wills. This directly conflicts with the openness of their children, who grew up in the era of "free love" and were influenced by society (and the advent of psychology in the 1950s and popularization of therapy) to talk frankly about emotions. While a boomer can easily talk with a friend about marriage difficulties or even surgery, an elder is likely to find admitting such "weaknesses" abhorrent.

Making Peace with Your Parents

by Harold Md Bloomfield
ISBN: 0345410475, Paperback- $10.36 BUY

"No one book resolves a lifetime of hurts and misunderstandings, but it can remove the blinders from our eyes. Make an effort now."


The New Don't Blame Mother : Mending the Mother-Daughter Relationship

by Paula Caplan
ISBN: 0415926300, Paperback- $23.35 BUY

At least since Freud, mothers have borne the brunt of blame for many of their family members' personal problems, defects and failures. But even cynics may be stunned by Caplan's documentation of a mother who was labeled "hysterical" and lost custody of her children after she accused their father of sexually abusing them. Many such injustices are highlighted in this edition, substantially revised from the 1988 original, building a solid case for Caplan's claim of widespread "mother-blaming." As cultural scapegoats, mothers are often viewed and treated by influential "experts" as unstable, emotionally needy, selflessly giving, smothering and tyrannically powerful. Caplan outlines 10 pervasive myths wherein all mothers are deemed either "perfect" or "bad," a double bind perhaps best illustrated by the myth that both working and stay-at-home moms are somehow "wrong." Fathers are in for a bit of culpability here, but Caplan doesn't offer many solutions for the problems that people often blame on their mothers. Instead, she concentrates on political arguments and rehabilitating the mother-daughter relationship itself. She encourages the daughter to "demythologize" her mother and forge an alliance by, among other things, drawing out her mother's life story and finding qualities to respect in her. Though some of the author's suggestions, including her "expressive training" in which mothers and daughters resolve problems through role-playing, may be simplistic, Caplan effectively articulates an indisputable societal offense and offers the first steps toward its remedy. (May)
Copyright 2000 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Coping With Your Difficult Older Parent : A Guide for Stressed-Out Children

by Grace Lebow
ISBN: 038079750X, Paperback- $10.36 BUY

Coping with these traits in parents is an endless high-stress battle for their children. Though there's no medical defination for "difficult" parents, you know when you have one. While it's rare for adults to change their ways late in life, you can stop the vicious merry-go-round of anger, blame, guilt and frustration.

Are Your Parents Driving You Crazy? How to Resolve the Most Common Dilemmas with Aging Parents

by Carole R. Rothman
ISBN: 1889242144, Paperback- $.05 BUY

What do you do when your aging-but usually reasonable-parents seem to dig in their heels and refuse to "see reason"? when your aging mother can't get along with the home health aide? when your father refuses to stop driving? when your sister won't help out? The co-authors, both family therapists, give you a simple problem-solving model for working through any dilemma you and your aging parents may run into, and then take you through 25 of the most common dilemmas. Chapters also include communicating effectively, breaking an impasse, and taking care of yourself in the process.

Elder Rage, or Take My Father... Please!: How to Survive Caring for Aging Parents

by Jacqueline Marcell
ISBN: 0967970318, Paperback- $16.47 BUY

A riveting, often humorous, non-fiction novel that chronicles Jacqueline Marcell's trials and tribulations, and eventual success at managing the care of her aging parents. Elder Rage is also an extensive self-help book with solutions for effective management, medically and behaviorally, of challenging elders who resist care. Includes answers to difficult "how to" questions like: getting obstinate elders to give up driving, accept a caregiver, see a different doctor, go to adult day care, move to a new residence--and includes a wealth of valuable resources, websites and recommended reading. The addendum by renowned dementia specialist, Rodman Shankle, MS MD: A Physician’s Guide to Treating Dementia, makes it valuable for everyone from the family to the physician. Elder Rage is required reading at several universities for graduate courses in geriatric assessment and management.

Taking Care of Parents Who Didn't Take Care of You: Making Peace with Aging Parents

by Eleanor Cade
ISBN: 1568388799, Paperback- $12.00 BUY

Caring for aging parents is difficult--it's exhausting, expensive, time-consuming, and under appreciated. And that's under the best of circumstances, when the caregiver loves and respects his or her aging parent. What happens when adult children are asked to care for elderly parents who were abusive, neglectful, or absent?

Here is a compassionate and practical guide to facing the psychological and emotional issues that arise when caring for aging parents. Eleanor Cade offers sound advice as well as personal accounts from individuals who have made the choice to care for difficult parents. The result is a powerful guide to moving beyond feelings of anger, regret, and grief in order to build healthy new family dynamics based on decency and mercy.

The Complete Eldercare Planner, Second Edition: Where to Start, Which Questions to Ask, and How to Find Help

by Joy Loverde
ISBN: 0812932781, Paperback- $13.57 BUY

As families age, more and more adult children will be caring for older parents. Often, caregiving responsibilities begin as a result of a sudden illness, hospitalization, or other crisis. Faced with a multitude of caregiving obligations, families seek information to help them make essential decisions about their relative's future. To guide families through the care-planning process, Loverde, an elder care consultant, has compiled a workbook covering such issues as finances, legal concerns, insurance, housing, medical care, and death and dying. Sections begin with a short list of objectives and action plans and end with an action checklist of tasks to accomplish, supplemented by a list of resource organizations. Relying heavily on bulleted lists and questions, the text is so sketchy that it reads like an outline of what a caregiving manual might be. Besides being overly paternalistic in tone, the book lacks a glossary and bibliography (web sites only are listed). In addition, its workbook format encourages patron write-ins, making almost any other book on caregiving better than this. Not recommended.?Karen McNally Bensing, Benjamin Rose Inst. Lib., Cleveland

The Caregiver's Essential Handbook : More than 1,200 Tips to Help You Care for and Comfort the Seniors in Your Life

by Sasha Carr and Sandra Choron
ISBN: 0071395199, Paperback- $7.66 BUY

For the 54 million Americans who currently care for aging parents and loved ones, this important resource provides essential information for solving day-to-day problems in the real world.

The Caregiver's Essential Handbook includes valuable insights and commonsense tips from those who have walked in their shoes: nursing professionals, physical therapists, social workers, and loving family members whose creativity and resurcefulness offer immediate help to those in need. Here are practical solutions for saving money on medication; getting doctors to really listen; making life easier for people who are visually, hearing, or mentally impaired; and most important, taking care of oneself.

There's No Place Like (a Nursing) Home: 4 Powerful Steps That Will Change Your Life

by Karen Shoff
ISBN: 0971684707, Paperback- $19.55 BUY

Four powerful steps begun in one's middle years will allow readers to avoid a future nursing home placement. This plan preserves assets and removes the burden of caregiving from loved ones. All will be able to receive the highest level of care in dignity at home.

Circles of Care: How to Set Up Quality Care for Our Elders in the Comfort of Their Own Homes

by Ann Cason
ISBN: 1570624712, Paperback- $12.89 BUY

"My parent needs help, but refuses to consider a nursing home." That's the dilemma facing millions of baby boomers today. How can we ensure responsible, compassionate, even uplifting care for our aging parents at home? Mindfulness is key, Ann Cason writes. Good care begins with watching and listening, with entering the elder's world and accepting it. Drawing on decades of experience in caring for the elderly, Cason helps us understand how old age feels and how we can help. Then, through exercises, care studies, and numerous examples and suggestions, Circles of Care shows how to: Work out a plan of care Assemble and foster a caregiving team Create an uplifting daily routine—and vary it creatively Plan nutrition, medical needs, finances, and outings Improve the elder's personal care and physical environment Ease conflicts between elders and their caregivers or families Avoid caregiver burnout Work with mood swings, confusion, and memory loss

Eldercare 911: The Caregiver's Complete Handbook for Making Decisions (Revised, Updated and Expanded)

by Susan Beerman and Judith Rappaport-Musson
ISBN: 1591026164, Paperback- $19.72 BUY

Discovering that older parents need assistance because of physical illness or frailty can seem like an emergency situation to the adult children who must arrange for their care. This handy guide covers a variety of caregiving situations, including those common to other caregiving books locating services, managing medications, understanding benefits, choosing a nursing home, coping with memory loss, and hiring and handling in-home help. But social worker Beerman and Rappaport-Musson, a certified senior adviser, address important topics not often covered elsewhere making the decision to become a caregiver (or deciding not to); helping a parent who refuses help; recognizing signs of elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation; and recognizing drug or alcohol abuse. Writing primarily for women, who shoulder most caregiving responsibilities, the authors offer much supportive advice as well as anecdotes from other caregivers showing how to counteract the physical and emotional toll that caregiving responsibilities can exact. The concise chapters can be read as needed. Unfortunately, the scanty resource list includes only major government and disease-specific web sites, and readers looking for in-depth details on specific disorders, caregiving skills, or benefit programs will need to consult Linda Colvin Rhodes's The Complete Idiot's Guide to Caring for Aging Parents, American Medical Association Guide to Home Caregiving, or Consumer Reports Guide to Health Services for Seniors. Nevertheless, this is a good addition to larger senior health collections.

Eldercare for Dummies

by Rachelle Zukerman
ISBN: 0764524690, Paperback- $13.59 BUY

Cope with legal, financial, and medical issues

Minimize anxiety and stress and make the later years golden

Need help caring for an elderly loved one? This sensitive, reassuring guide provides strategies for assessing older persons' needs, arranging for care, ensuring their safety, and enhancing quality of life - all while respecting their dignity. You'll see how to manage physical disabilities and chronic health problems, evaluate nursing homes, and help elders control their destinies.

Long Distance Caregiving: A Survival Guide for Far Away Caregivers (The Working Caregiver Series)

by Angela Heath
ISBN: 1886230005, Paperback- $$5.99 BUY

Following Kerri Smith's Caring for Your Aging Parents ( LJ 2/1/92), this second title in the publisher's "Working Caregiver" series is another winner. Heath, an expert on caregiving issues, provides an introductory guide for those facing the prospect of caring for loved ones from a geographical distance. To be used in tandem with a Care Log, which unfortunately must be purchased separately, this small volume broadly focuses on planning for the nitty-gritty problems of dealing with relatives, support groups, and social service agencies from a distance. Care plans, travel tips, paperwork, and legal and financial issues are covered; special mention is made of international caregiving problems. Recommended for most collections.
- Anne C. Tomlin, Auburn Memorial Hospital Lib., N.Y.

How to Care For Your Parents' Money While Caring for Your Parents

by Sharon Burns
ISBN: 0071408665, Paperback- $11.21 BUY

Get this book as preparation for when you have to parent your parent. -- Michelle Singletary, The Color of Money, Washington Post, March 14, 2004

Social Security, Medicare & Government Pensions: Get the Most Out of Your Retirement & Medical Pensions

by Lita Epstein
ISBN: 1592575196, Paperback- $11.53 BUY

Complex, ever-changing, and controversial, the future of our current system of Social Security and Medicare is uncertain. This indispensable guide explains the proposed changes and current status of these important social programs. Completely revised to incorporate changes to compensation scales and survivor benefits, and with an expanded section on Medicare and the new drug programs, this book is the most up-to-date overview of Social Security and Medicare currently available.
• Revised and updated with the latest 2006 statistics on income scales and cost of living; such Social Security Benefits as survivor benefits and disability payments; tax codes; and more
• Completely new chapters on Medicare, the Medicare Drug Programs, and the current political climate and proposed changes
• Completely revised section on resources

The Elder Law Handbook: A Legal and Financial Survival Guide for Caregivers and Seniors

by Peter J. Strauss and Nancy M. Lederman
ISBN: 0816030820, Paperback- $.01 BUY

Elder Law: A Legal and Financial Guide for Caregivers and Seniors by Peter J. Strauss and Nancy M. Lederman addresses the particular needs of the fastest-growing segment of the population. As they age, seniors "face the possibility of reduced spending power, rising health care and insurance costs, loss of health benefits both on the job and in retirement, pensions in jeopardy, and changing house needs." This new area of law has evolved to handle the legal and management problems that may result from aging, illness or incapacity.

Savvy Senior, The: The Ultimate Guide to Health, Family, and Finances For Senior Citizens

by Jim Miller
ISBN: 1401307493, Paperback- $12.55 BUY

Those interested in making plans for their own retirement years or concerned about a parent's retirement will find many of their questions answered here. The author writes the syndicated column "The Savvy Senior," which is published in 400 newspapers, and he bases his book on the thousands of questions he receives on social security issues, Medicare, estate and retirement planning, health issues, caregiving, grandparenting and more. Miller's writing style is a mixture of "just the facts, please" and light humor, allowing him to establish himself as a credible and knowledgeable expert. Numerous checklists, resources and charts make it easy to learn about such mundane topics as Medicare and living trusts, while "savvy notes" interspersed between paragraphs enlighten with odd factoids. Baby boomers caring for elderly parents will want to pay special attention to the section on avoiding telemarketing scams to seniors, who are the number one target for this type of criminal activity. And seniors on a fixed income will find the section on "Cost-Cutting Tips on Prescription Drugs" helpful as they learn how to apply for free prescription drugs from the pharmaceutical companies.
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The Retirement Nightmare: How to Save Yourself from Your Heirs and Protectors : Involuntary Conservatorships and Guardianships (Golden Age Series)

by Diane G. Armstrong Ph.D.
ISBN: 1573927961, Paperback- $18.72 BUY

After working hard to build your nest egg, you are finally making plans for your retirement years. But will you be free to make your own choices when those golden years finally arrive? Or will you fall victim to ruinously expensive involuntary conservatorship/guardianship proceedings and be stripped of your rights, your money, your independence -- for the rest of your life?

The Fawn Brook Inn Cookbook

by Herman Groicher & Mieke Groicher
ISBN: 155566413X, Hardcover- $20.90 BUY

Since 1979 the Fawn Brook Inn and the Groicher family have been known not only for Hermann's fine food but also for their hospitality. The restaurant still thrives today with a clientele that comes from all over the world to experience the magical dining at the Fawn Brook Inn.